Coaching is about providing positive reinforcement, not pointing out what coachee do wrong.  Positive feedback is a signal to the brain to do more of something.  Nirvedha’s interventions use a rich source of encouragement and support that grows coachees confidence and performance

Positive Feedback Always Helps

“Learning anything new requires substantial brain activity until what the coachee is learning is hardwired. Given that coachees have a strong tendency to criticize themselves, it's highly likely that these thoughts will get in the way of the coachee's performance. Therefore, acknowledgment and encouragement from the coach will help calm the mind and allow the coaches to focus on what they are trying to achieve.”

“Positive feedback also reinforces any new wiring the coachee is trying to develop so that it eventually becomes a hardwired habit. For example, while giving positive feedback when we notice the coachee is focusing on solutions, you will further embed this as a way of thinking.”