Find Your Own Answers

We all learn better when we find our own answers.  I at Nirvedha, help coachee answer their own questions.  I am there to support the coachees learning journey through a structured questioning approach, rather than by directing or advising.
Being self-directed is the best way we learn, think, invent, create, solve problems, visualize, rethink, and re-engineer.  This all happens within the process of making our own new mental connections.
So, to improve the quality of coachees thinking we opt to help them process ideas better: things like helping coachee make their ideas clearer, or finding relationships between concepts, or optimizing their thoughts

It is the


Grow Your Confidence

Proven Methodology

“My Coaching methodology focuses on developing an awareness of an impasse or issue that a coachee would like to resolve but can't seem to on their own”